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Technical writing of texts that demonstrate brand expertise. The implementation of such content should be entrusted to specialists who understand the topic

Technical Texts That Show Your Professionalism in Words

Technical Copywriting Understandable to Your Target Audience

Expert Technical Text in English With Translation Into Other Languages ​​by DriveFoxCopy

Technical Texts in English in Our Studio in Numbers

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Coverage of a significant part of business representatives from the EU27 and the USA


Projects that we helped implement and promote with technical content

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Regular clients, for whom we distribute content that is passed around the edge

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Scientific and technical style in hundreds of texts for different niches and segments

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Technical materials posted on blogs, social networks, and mass media


Content language for multinational businesses and international projects

Technical Copywriting is Not a Place for Experiments

Complex Materials With Easy Feeding


Popular scientific publications often post materials that do not correspond to the status and image of the resource. There are several reasons for this: an attempt to saturate the blog with SEO content and increase lead generation with it, simplifying the editorial policy, and attracting non-core technical writers.

To avoid risks, you will need technical copywriting and an experienced technical writer.

What is Technical Copywriting? DriveFoxCopy Specialists Explain

Technical Copywriting That Adds Value to Your Brand

Expertise in various fields

We work with IT and other areas: construction, cars, manufacturing, etc.

Understanding theory and even practice

We have an idea about the processes of software testing, device maintenance, and infrastructure installation

Variability of the narrative

We can use both a dry style with a serious tone and a light ToV

Focusing on different segments of the target audience

We create articles that are useful for your audience, industry specialists, or ordinary users

Ability to find relevant information

We integrate only current data, fresh statistics, research results, and trending topics into the materials

Constant monitoring of innovations

We always know which technologies are relevant today and which are just gaining popularity

Study of customer needs

We analyze business features and client requirements, adapting the presentation of material to the tasks

Optimal cost of content

We offer customers flexible pricing that depends on the volume of the project and its specifics

Technical Writer From DriveFoxCopy Studio: Professional Texts Guaranteed

Technical Copywriting That Sells Your Business

Purely thematic material, presented “as is”, with a single caveat: sufficient uniqueness to be indexed by search aggregators.

Yes, these are the characteristics of typical scientific articles. But no one forbids making such texts logically structured and exciting. 

We will create unique, clear, and readable materials for your audience. With it, you will get the attention of readers, keep it, and prove your professionalism.

Technical Copywriting Examples Implemented by DriveFoxCopy Specialists

Technical Copywriting and How We Do It

1. We study

the requirements of the client and their audience, check the guideline, the project's purpose and goals

2. We search and agree

on information, collect semantics from various sources

3. We consult

with the customer, clarify the data, agree on the ToV and the facts

4. We collect data

relevant research, statistics, technical parameters, etc.

5. We develop content

and write the key part of the material with organic SEO components

6. We proofread

and correct, check the material with the editor and the customer's team

7. We finalize

with the client, review the articles
make corrections and edits

8. We submit

the project, send the finished material to the client, and receive payment

Tech Copywriting Examples by DriveFoxCopy

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    This is a dry presentation of the material with the use of specialized terminology, its simplification and disclosure of the key idea of ​​the described topic

    For publication on your own digital resources, placement on external websites, pages of specialized publications, or other websites.

    It is needed if the activity of your brand is closely related to certain technologies. For example, development or distribution of professional products.

    This is the author’s method of work, in which the writer reveals a certain topic as accurately and in detail as possible, using professional vocabulary and a dry style of presenting the material.

    Unique, professional, clear. It should also contain SEO elements organically woven into the main body of the article, post, or other content.

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