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The main thing for SEO is not the presence of keywords and phrases in the text but their organic presentation in the context of the topic.

Order native SEO from our studio to get maximum lead generation and high text conversion.

SEO for Copywriting by DriveFoxCopy Will Reveal Your Uniqueness to the Audience!

Your Content Is in Our Safe Hands


SEO copywriting service provides competent integration of semantics into content

High Quality

SEO copywriting services are aimed at creating texts for people, not robots.

Comprehensive Approach

Text content that conveys the value and goals of the brand.

Deep Study

Description of the product in simple and understandable language with SEO keywords.

Adhering to Deadlines

Adherence to schedules and deadlines, writing SEO content of any complexity


Indexing through high and low frequency keywords.

Optimal Cost

SEO content writing cost is variable and guaranteed to pay off.

Оптимальна вартість

Ціна за 1000 знаків є варіативною та гарантовано окупається.

What Is SEO Content Writer? A Specialist That Resolves Your Business Promotion Issues!

DriveFoxCopy Cares About Your Brand

The closer the page is to the top of Google search results, the more likely it will be visited by your target audience, which means that the brand will receive the desired action or profit. So, the first three positions account for 68.7% of the click rate, and it is the majority of your potential customers.

An unoptimized website leads to the failure of the company's online promotion strategy. To prevent this, the DriveFoxCopy SEO copywriting studio was founded.

What Is SEO Content Writing: Methods of DriveFoxCopy

How We Develop Optimized Materials

1. Priority

We define the goal and customer needs, values, ​​and propositions

2. Competitiveness

We look for relevant information and review competitors' resources

3. Optimization

We collect data and semantics, conduct SEO text analysis

4. Relevance

We identify statistics and their sources and create anchors for “weight”

5. Tone of Voice

We implement content with respect to style, requirements, semantics, and topic

6. Balance

We introduce keywords and phrases into the text without compromising quality

7. Validity

We optimize the material and check the content for compliance with the requirements

8. Case

We deliver the order to the client with the possibility of further adjustments

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    SEO copywriting is a method of creating text content that is not only relevant to the topic but optimized for search bots.

    There are automatic and manual methods. With automatic, special software is used, and with manual, in-depth analytics of several third-party sources are added.

    It is usually calculated individually. However, if you need high-quality texts, don’t expect a cost of less than $10 per 1000 characters.

    You can use Keywordseverywhere or SurfSEO, an advanced SEO tool. There are quite a lot of examples, but not all of them are effective.

    Writing texts for money is a business, and creating unique and high-quality content for clients is an art. Of course, the specialists of the DriveFoxCopy studio will fulfill your order quickly and efficiently.

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