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Content writing for IT industry is an integral part
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Technical Writing in It That Accelerates Business Scaling

We Provide Effective Content Writing for It Industry That Will Help Your Business Attract a New Audience

Writing for It Industry by DriveFoxCopy: Offering Only the Best

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Professional copywriters who distinguish between frameworks and methodologies

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Years of cooperation with developers, testers, designers

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IT products launched on the market using quality content

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Published materials online, approximately 70% on IT topics.

Technical Writing for Software From DriveFoxCopy Will Bring Profit to Your Brand

Services That Work Towards the Success of Your Business

Explaining complex things in simple words

Enhancing team expertise

Attracting a new audience

Implementing marketing campaigns

Promoting pages on the Internet

Developing an authentic ToV and content style

Providing useful materials for publications

Creating new points of interaction

Creating Content That Works for Your Business

All Types of Content to Help You Promote Your Brand

Landing Page for services or products

Social media posts, profile content

Descriptions of IT products, UX-writing

Cold email marketing to warm up an audience

Blog articles, guest posting

Press releases, media publications, research, analytics

Push-notifications for clients

Technical texts, E-Books, project case studies

Text for pages about the company, team, experience

It Industry – A Key Focus of Interest For DriveFoxCopy

We Focus on Achieving Success for Your Brand

We don’t just create content; we also delve into the principles and methodologies of development and analyze popular frameworks, their capabilities, and differences. Therefore, we consistently deliver materials that emphasize your brand’s expertise in the eyes of the audience.

Our It-Focused Copywriting Will Benefit Your Brand

You Will Receive Only the Best Content Concepts for Business Promotion

Dry materials filled with insightful information

ToV that aligns with the brand's style and positioning

Increased profitability through new contract agreements

Descriptions of complex topics in an easy-to-understand language

Business image formation through content

Priority setting through audience analysis

Technologies We Are Well-Versed In

Understanding the Differences Between Frameworks, Programming Languages, and Technologies

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    The Process of Creating Materials by DriveFoxCopy

    Adapting to Client Needs

    1. Project acceptance

    We receive the client's brief and check it for compliance with the segment, business needs, and potential clients' requirements

    2. Business goal determination

    We study the purpose the client wants to achieve with the defined content, advising them if we see more effective alternatives

    3. Segment analysis

    We determine the industry's development vector, potentially advantageous solutions, business pains, and audience

    4. Preliminary research

    We gather market trends, relevant statistical data, key phrases, and words used by brands from the top of search results

    5. Content creation

    We process the gathered information, creating structured and easily digestible textual material, enriching it with graphical elements

    6. SEO

    We add keywords and phrases, LSI, ensuring its compliance with SEO standards for this type of content

    7. Proofreading

    We proofread the text again, eliminating any spelling or lexical errors and adjusting the content as necessary

    8. Project delivery

    We deliver the final iteration to the client, then we review suggested edits (if any) and make changes

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    Basic English IT articles start from 1500 words and often exceed 4000 words. These are standard metrics for profile materials published in company blogs (analytical articles, e-books, research).

    The basis is understanding at least the general concepts and stages of developing content for an IT company website, knowledge of the difference between frameworks, and constant communication with representatives of the technical department of the client’s team.

    Content developer tech writer has skills in working with complex topics, can search, collect, analyze, and transform material, quickly grasp new knowledge (especially about technologies and development mechanics).

    The price of content for IT company website varies depending on the complexity of services (translation of IT articles, writing from scratch), type of content, topic complexity, and deadlines. Typically, English IT texts cost from $10 per 1000 characters without spaces.

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