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How to Write a Press Release Correctly to Multiply Your Business Opportunities

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If you are making your debut on the market with a new product, you need to advertise it. It can be both an IT solution and a new model of sneakers. If you simply describe the product or praise it too much, you are unlikely to get the desired feedback from investors or the audience.

PR writing services allow you to effectively promote the brand and its products online, for example, by publishing materials on the pages of authoritative media or sending a presentation to potential partners.

The Best Press Release That Brings More Money Thanks to DriveFoxCopy

Creatives That Promote Your Brand

Effective delivery

We present information without unnecessary pathos and “watery” phrases

Disclosure of benefits

We describe the advantages of business without banal embellishment. Dry, laconic style only

Quality formatting

We present information in a structured manner, fueling the interest of readers

Easy style

We write materials that are equally understandable for CEOs and investors

Expert presentation

We apply thematic terminology and rely on research

Relevance of the material

If necessary, we create content and optimize it literally in a day

Selective ToV

We write both in a friendly, informal tone and in a corporate style

Affordable price

We value our work as your investment in the future of your brand

Advertising Texts From DriveFoxCopy That Work as of Publication

We Are Confidently Moving Towards the Result

We don't just take the customer's information and create an article, presentation, or other type of content. First, we thoroughly study the topic of the future presentation and check the client's proposal and its value for the audience and the industry as a whole.

It enables us to evaluate the strengths of the offer, product, service, or brand and develop a concept and structure that will gradually and effectively unveil the topic in a unique and persuasive presentation. Your company will start receiving initial reviews, inquiries, and contracts within days of publication.

How to Advertise Any Product on the Example of DriveFoxCopy

You Can Draw a Product Advertisement, but It Is Better to Write It

1. We analyze

the customer's proposals, study the client's needs, and explore the product

2. We assess

the market and its problems and look for industry challenges that can be solved

3. We collect

information about competitors and check offers from other market players

4. We study

and analyze the audience needs, and check how we can interest them

5. We request

data from the client and ask them to provide specific information

6. We create

the basics of content, make templates of PR texts and logical structure

7. We proofread

and edit the advertising material in several steps

8. We publish

PR articles if everything suits the customer, and send the material

Examples of Advertising Texts from DriveFoxCopy

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    A press release is a publication in authoritative media that describes the merits of a good, product, service, or brand as a whole.

    It is necessary to conduct a study of the market, the customer’s activities, and form an effective concept that will demonstrate the expertise of our client. 

    You see them all the time. For example, every year in September, Apple holds a video presentation of a new line of devices. Before this, the company always launches a large-scale PR campaign that fuels the public’s interest in the event. 

    The purpose of the advertising text is to directly promote the brand, its products, services, and events from the life of the company in the network. In other types of materials, organic or veiled advertising is usually used.

    It depends on the scope and complexity of the work. If we are talking exclusively about text content, then usually the price is about $100 per publication. If we talk about a complex campaign, then the cost reaches more than $1000.

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