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A commercial text is a specialized content that should lead a potential client to perform a certain action. For example, register on the website, join the Telegram channel, subscribe to updates, contact a representative, order a product or service. And this is exactly what will allow you to sell with texts.

Copywriting Sales Page From DriveFoxCopy Guarantees a High ROI Ratio

Even a Word Can Sell If You Master It


We know the algorithms for working with clients and consider the problem from their side

Understanding the problems

We know how the sales funnel and the entire chain work


We argue our creatives, stimulating the audience to buy

Analytical approach

We do not work blindly but conduct a comprehensive analysis of the niche and competitors


We provide you with the result within 1-7 days, depending on the needs of the project


Надаємо вам результат протягом 1-7 днів, залежно від потреб проєкту


Our in-house team performs the entire pool of tasks and processes

Loyal value

We set the price based on the client's wishes

Text Written for Commercials by DriveFoxCopy

Short, Specific, Smooth – this is the rule of three "S", which we use to force our customers’ sales

Commercial texts must emphasize the advantages of the products and the company without lyrical digressions and water.

Bright and emotional at the same time, but within a limited framework. 

The idea that this thing or service should be ordered arises in the user from the first paragraphs of the text and follows them all the way to the CTA, where a direct call to action sounds!

This is where the magic happens, i.e., instant purchase or saving the product in the cart. 

We are ready to create such magic for you!

Excursion to the Best Commercial Texts by DriveFoxCopy

Selling ​​with texts is an art that takes years to learn

1. We study

The activities of the customer and all the necessary data

2. We set

Project goals and tasks where our content can help

3. We segment

And study the target audience, its pains, needs, and behavior patterns

4. We collect

Information, analyze direct competitors and niches

5. We study

The field and difficulties of the client and prepare to solve them

6. We create

Commercial texts according to several concepts and test them

7. We edit

Optimize, and integrate SEO elements

8. We finalize

The project, proofread the material, and hand it over to the customer

Sales Copywriting Examples by the DriveFoxCopy

Selling texts our customers like

















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    It requires experience and a thorough understanding of the client’s psychology. The main thing is to build the material in such a way that it leads the user from the stage of interest to the stage of purchasing.

    If the client does not need a product or service, the text will not work, but if the user is looking for something purposefully, then the material can be used to stimulate him to buy.

    Even more than large corporations. In addition, a comprehensive marketing strategy is important for a small business, i.e., a combination of commercial content with emails, SMM, etc.

    From $15 per 1000 characters without spaces. But this investment pays off and starts to bring income quickly. So, it’s up to you to decide whether you’re ready to promote goods and services online more effectively.

    Unlike informational content, commercial materials stimulate users to perform a certain action, not necessarily to purchase, but at least to some activity on your resource.

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