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Content for construction companies. Find out how our studio’s services can help you scale your business.

Construction Industry Writing

We will develop content for you that will sell the brand’s services!

Copywriters in Construction for Your Business

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Solving Brand Problems with Content

Construction texts that shape brand image

Creating relevant content

Adapting complex information

Adhering to original ToV

Increasing the attractiveness of brand resources

Improving profitability by increasing sales

Bringing the site to the top of search results

Supporting marketing campaigns

Providing multichannel advertising

Developing All Possible Types of Content

Creating materials that work for your brand

Landing pages for websites, describing services

Descriptions of architectural solutions, exterior, interior

Technical texts such as E-Books, industry trends, research

Email campaigns to warm up a cold audience

Messages for clients you communicate with through messengers

Materials for social media pages

Press releases, presentations, analytics for investors and partners

Articles for publication on media pages, blogs

Various texts for construction companies

Copywriter Exploring the Construction Niche 24/7 – at Your Service!

We know what we write about

At DriveFoxCopy studio, we don’t just gather material from the web; we comprehensively analyze information, reinforcing it with our own experience. We prepare articles for you that address your clients’ specific pains and convey the topic’s key essence.

You Get Maximum Benefits

We develop content that meets your business needs

Improving the textual content of the website, pages, or profile

Bringing the website to the top of Google search results

Increasing profitability by attracting new audiences

Maintaining a consistent Tone of Voice in all materials

Explaining complex topics with simple and engaging language

Enhancing the brand image, and its expertise through content

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    Step by Step to Success with DriveFoxCopy

    We comprehensively process tasks

    1. Processing the application

    We accept the brief, analyze it, determine the goal and target audience, and consider nuances.

    2. Clarifying business goals

    We communicate with the client, find out where and why the material will be placed, and offer alternatives if necessary.

    3. Industry research

    We study trends and statistical data, note insightful information for the reader, collect terminology, and consider its context.

    4. Preparing the background

    We sort the information received, analyze the top search results, and select relevant keywords and phrases, LSI.

    5. Content creation

    We write the text in strict accordance with the brief and client's wishes, add statistics, research.

    6. SEO

    We include SEO elements in the material if necessary, considering the beauty and meaning of the text.

    7. Proofreading

    We check the content for compliance with the brief, determine whether the topic is fully disclosed, and correct mistakes if there are any.

    8. Project delivery

    We deliver the material to the client and await feedback. If there are suggested edits, we optimize the content again.

    Construction Content Examples

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    Need us to create something original for your construction business? Describe your project to the DriveFoxCopy studio manager! .


    It is important to present niche materials in simple and understandable language without losing important details or the essence of the topic. 

    A copywriter for a construction materials website creates content that the target audience understands, meaning they gather and analyze relevant information and make it easy for the audience to understand.

    Articles for blogs or websites, materials for media, press releases, email chains, messages, publications for social networks, descriptions of goods, services, materials, finished products, architectural or technical solutions, etc.

    We develop content for construction and related topics, such as material stores, installation service companies, engineering organizations, and equipment manufacturers.

    It depends on the complexity of the task, the number of materials, and their complexity. Typically, content for a construction company’s website is priced from $15 per 1000 characters without spaces.

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